Monday, October 15, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Smile

Last week, it rained so hard and for so many days that DD4 turned to me, and asked in genuine enquiry and with some degree of anxiety, if I was absolutely certain that there would never again be a flood like Noah experienced.

 Considering  that we were having flash flood warnings on an almost daily basis due to inches of rain falling in a very few hours, it was understandable for her to be concerned when I was wearing first stout shoes, then hiking boots and ultimately wellingtons to wade through the increasingly deep  lakes in the school yard each day to pick her up........ reassurance was given and the rain did eventually stop.

The weekend weather was fine, but we have had very heavy rainfall today, and one particularly heavy shower simply had to time itself for when I came out of the supermarket laden with shopping after my Latin class. I decided to catch the bus home, rather than walk :-)

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elizabeth said...

that is a lot of rain! very dear of your DD4'S concern!

margaret said...

Everything here is sodden :( I should have recoated my deck this summer and forgot and now I suspect by next spring all I'll have is a pile of rotten wood at this rate.