Saturday, October 13, 2012

Josiah For President - A Review

Josiah For President
By Martha Bolton
Published by Zondervan, October 2012
This is most definitely not your typical Amish novel :-)

When a disgruntled American Congressman decides to abandon his entry for the Presidential elections, he little expects to have an accident when driving on his way home and meet an Amishman who changes his life in a multitude of ways.

Mark Stedman's encounter with Josiah Stoltzfus makes him re-assess his attitudes and priorities to the point where he feels what America really needs is someone like Josiah at the helm. When, with Mark's help, Josiah wins the Presidential election despite all the usual back-stabbing campaigns and attempts to discredit him, America suddenly has a President who acts according to his conscience and in accordance with the mandates of Scripture.

This is a clever premise, and provides much information both about the Amish and about how the American electoral system works. Both Josiah, Mark and their wives are engaging and believable characters. The main rival candidate, Harley Philips, is a little exaggerated but still an interestingly devious character and I *so* enjoyed disliking him!

It is an amusing book, which caused me to laugh out loud on several occasions,  although there is a very sad but perhaps inevitable twist in the tale towards the end.
 I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and had been "champing at the bit", waiting for the postman to deliver my copy to me.

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