Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I'm Back !!

We are now safely back in our own home and are slowly - oh so slowly - getting the house into some semblance of order and tidiness.

We are using the opportunity to throughly declutter the entire house, and I am amazed and appalled at how much stuff we have collectively accumulated over the last four years. In the last two days, we have shredded six large refuse sacks full of old documents and demolished the piano that was sitting in our kitchen, as well as having sorted and tidied up two rooms. We are making progress, even if it is at a glacial speed..........

We have had a new bathroom fitted at Mum's old house, and that too has been a mammoth undertaking which ran into lots of hiccups and went way over budget and timescale. It is looking good, though, and we are glad we had it done. Whether we choose to move into Mum's house and sell our current house or vice-versa, that bathroom seriously needed to be updated and made functional for a family.

DD1, Mrs DoomHamster, is still waiting for her visa to live and work in the USA so she can rejoin her husband. Prayers for this to be resolved quickly would be very much appreciated indeed ! DD2 is looking for a new job, so we are praying about that too, and for our very dear elderly friend John, who is very nearly 90 - he is having health issues and is waiting for the local NHS to get round to seeing him and treating him.

Other than that, life continues as normal. Or as normal as it ever is :-)
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Greenpatches said...

Good to see you back blogging!

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy on all these requests! always good to hear from you via blog world :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. DoomHamster is working on it, in earnest - especially whenever highest, most exhaulted fat-ass gets his act together. I'm growing really tired of this "Waiting for Godot" nonsense... frankly.

-Mr. DoomHamster-