Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Review - I Love My Slow Cooker



I “ Love" My Slow Cooker
by  Beverley LeBlanc
Published by Duncan Baird Publishers, London, 2012
(There is also a US edition)


This cookbook has so many wonderful and unusual  recipes for a slow cooker devotee !  One thing I hated about my first slow cooker recipe book was that so many of the dishes all tasted similar as they had the same tomato base and herbs.

That is definitely not the case with this well-illustrated book, which advises you to consider increasing the amounts of herbs and spices used when compared to cooking a conventional casserole, and lots of different “bases” are used, not just the ubiquitous tomato …..

 Divided into sections, it covers  Soups & Sauces, Meat & Poultry,  Fish & Shellfish, Vegetarian dishes and Desserts. The recipes span the globe, with China, India, Vietnam, the Middle-East , Italy, Greece, Spain and France all well represented, as well as many classic American recipes , so there truly is something for all budgets and palates. The vegetarian recipes are unusual, including Pumpkin and Dolcelatte Rice, Lentil Dahl and Vegetable Tagine.

Smoky and Spicy Black Bean Soup is definitely on my list of favourites as the autumn is moving towards winter, and I confidently anticipate that my slow cooker is going to be a permanent resident on my worktop this year, thanks to Beverley LeBlanc’s book !




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margaret said...

Fr M brought a slow-cooker amongst the things he didn't throw out when he left Bournemouth. It sits on top of the bread machine. I might consider seeing if I can find this book secondhand - the recipes sound faaaaar better than the ones in the manufacturer's book.