Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Review: A Hobbit Devotional

The Hobbit Devotional
- Bilbo Baggins And The Bible
By Ed Strauss
Published by Barbour, 1st September, 2012

Being a Tolkien fan, and currently reading The Hobbit to my youngest daughter each bedtime, I have to say that this book is a joy. From the gorgeous cover picture, title font  and thoughtful introduction, right through the 60 chapters of the text to the useful glossary of Hobbit related words and a timeline of how long the events in the story took to unfold, each page was a pleasure to read.

Each chapter starts with a quotation from the story, followed by Strauss’ insightful , deceptively simplistic but actually quite profound commentary, summed up by  the Scripture quotation which expresses the intent of the story and the devotion.  No particular age range has been noted by the publisher, but I definitely believe my 11 year old daughter would enjoy and benefit from this book as much as I did myself.

Tolkien’s own background as a committed and devout Roman Catholic underpinned all his writings, so I am only surprised that it has taken so long for someone to produce such a great little devotional guide to The Hobbit.  I do hope that in due course,  Ed Strauss will produce one for The Lord of The Rings too.

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