Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Book Review - Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?
By Rhoda Janzen
Published  by Grand Central Publishing,  Oct 1st, 2012
Having read Rhoda Janzen’s first book of memoirs, Mennonite In  A Little Black Dress, and enjoyed it, I was keen to read what happened next in her somewhat roller-coaster life.  Returning to her Mennonite roots and family after a divorce, she met an unusual man named Mitch, with whom a tentative relationship springs up.  At the time, I wondered what happened next, and with this book, we get to find out.
Mitch turns out to be a committed Christian whose life was totally  transformed when he found Christ, and as Rhoda ‘s relationship with him grows deeper, so does her own relationship with Christ and she becomes involved in his church, which is  Pentecostal and something of a culture shock to a former childhood Mennonite.
This book is funny, raw, brutally honest and heartbreakingly sad in equal measure. When Rhoda is diagnosed with a life-threatening and highly invasive form of cancer, she wonders if she should call off her relationship, but Mitch is solid as a rock and together they continue their journey. Despite everything, God provides, and Rhoda learns to integrate her faith into her academic life.
 I’ve enjoyed this enough to want to read it right through all over again, and the relationship between Rhoda and Mitch is truly inspirational. By the end of the book, we get to find out the real names of Mitch and his family, but yu’ll have to read it to find out J

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