Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Review - Angels On The Night Shift

                                                                 Angels On The Night Shift
                                                               By Robert D  Lesslie
                                                             Harvest House, October 1st, 2012
I generally enjoy non-fiction books about the lives of medical professionals,  but this book, which is part of a series,  is very much in a league of its own.  It drew me in  - and had me hooked - on the very first page, to my delight.
The book opens in the ER, with the arrival of a patient with chest pain, and soon we are drawn into a mystery – why were empty vials of the drug Vistaril in the room when they should not have been?  In the rush to deal with this patient’s critical medical condition, the issue of the drug is temporarily overlooked and life in the busy department continues.  The medical problems of the patients are dealt with in fascinating detail in clear, plain English, easily accessible and understandable to the lay reader.  How diagnoses are arrived at is rather like the deductive processes in a detective novel, and it is quite fascinating to see how this works, and how it can run into problems. Birth, death, accidents and the diagnosis of life-changing and life-threatening diseases are common occurrences in a busy hospital, and all affect the lives of the patients and their families, who often need as much care and support as the patients themselves.
Dr Lesslie, a doctor with thirty years of ER experience,  introduces  the team of medics , nurses and technicians who staff his close-knit and well-run department;  the staff  function well as a team, appreciate their individual and collective strengths, look out for each other and know they can rely on each other, but gradually the feel of the ER department changes.  When a member of staff makes uncharacteristic mistakes and things start to go wrong , blame is unfairly apportioned by senior management  and soon everyone is on edge and unhappy.  Will the truth be unearthed, or will there be a massive miscarriage of justice, with a dangerous person on the loose in the department, posing a danger to patients and staff alike…….
The pressures and stresses the staff  face every day are clearly portrayed as is the deep Christian faith of many of them which underpins their strength, as is also true of many of the patients and their families.
Fast-paced, fascinating, well-written and absorbing, giving us glimpses of heartbreak, tragedy and stress ,  I thoroughly enjoyed this  and will be certainly looking out for any other books written by this medical author.

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