Wednesday, October 17, 2012

After The Rain, Some Sun !

An unkempt but magnificent hedge alongside a paddock...

And in close-up :-)

A glimpse through a gap in the hedge.
The water is not a stream, just water-sodden paddock !

I just liked the shape of the tree!

Seagulls on the pond, hoping to steal bread from the ducks......

Autumn foliage. I have no idea what the tree is, to produce such ephemera.

I believe this to be a Rowan, complete with a great display of berries.

And this tree, almost bare of leaves now.

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Michelle M. said...

I love these photos! Each one gives off such a feeling of peace.

elizabeth said...

how lovely!!! Autumn and sunshine are such a beautiful combination...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sian,

Thank you so much for the book. I didn;t realise I had won it so was totally astonished when I opened the package just now and found it. I never win anything! *grins* I look forward to reading it and sharing my opinions with you.

Bless you!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...


I am so glad the parcel was a nice surprise! I hope you enjoy it. The author has a website too.

margaret said...

That is a magnificent rowan!