Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Book Review - Need You Now

Need You Now (Part 1)
by Beth Wiseman
Published by Thomas Nelson, 2012

Darlene Henderson and her family have moved to the country, to the small farm previously owned by her grandparents. Her children find the move from their old friends and lifestyle hard, but gradually they all begin to make new friends. One of their biggest surprises is when they find their nearest neighbour is a wealthy but unhappy former Hollywood film star.

Darlene and Brad consider their marriage and family life to be happy and rock-solid, founded on their deep religious beliefs and lifestyle, but what Darlene doesn't realise is that things are very far from right with Grace, the one of their three children who has never previously given them any cause for concern other than her initial health issues as a premature baby.

When Darlene starts a new job as a teaching assistant at a small school for special needs children, she meets the lonely father of one of her charges. Because of her job, her own children are left to their own devices at home far more than they ever previously were when they lived in the city...........and soon, everything is at risk of changing. Brad is unhappy that Darlene stayed out very late at a charity function with their famous neighbour, Grace is unhappy and self-harming, and there is huge potential for disaster in this once-happy family.

To say it whetted my appetite to see what will happen next is an understatement. Nicely paced and well written, the characters are thoughtfully portrayed. A thoroughly enjoyable piece of contemporary fiction !
The whole story is now available  as an e-book, and I can't  wait to find out whether disaster will strike this likeable family, or whether they will all pull together and sort out their problems  :-)
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