Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Review - A Season Of Love

A Season Of  Love
by Amy Clipston

Book 5 of the Kauffman Amish Bakery series.

Published by Zondervan, 2012

Katie is helping her pregnant Aunt Rebecca  while one of her own best friends, Rebecca's niece Lindsay, is in the Englisher world helping care for her brevet-aunt who has had an accident. The focus is very much on Katie in this book, starting with her decision to tell Lindsay about Rebecca's delicate state of health with a complicated pregnancy.

Katie, Lindsay and Lizzie Anne are delighted to be reunited again  and Lindsay decides that she definitely wants to be baptised in the fall with her friends and also finds herself  developing a romantic relationship with her dear friend Matthew. 

Katie feels very left out as she has no boyfriend and when her brother Samuel proposes to her friend Lizzie, she is bitterly hurt. She becomes closer to Jake, a distant Mennonite family relative but she knows a relationship between an Amish girl and a Mennonite boy will be unacceptable to her family especially as she has now been baptised into the church and is expected to abide by stricter rules of conduct than before...

What the Englisch would regard as unremarkable is not necessarily acceptable to the Amish when such behaviour is regarded as drawing attention and remark to oneself or one's family. A series of innocent mistakes and mishaps causes great family tension and misunderstandings; Katie's father has not been the most tolerant character in the previous books and he comes across as insecure and rather aggressive and domineering at times in this one. He may be a good provider for his family, but he is not a good father; his mishandling of the situations means that poor Katie's life veers from bad to worse in a short space of time and the tension affects every member of the extended family, whether directly or indirectly..

Unhappy, confused and feeling totally misunderstood, Katie struggles with the restrictions placed upon her, and even her close  friendship with Lindsay is seriously threatened by the events which unfold. I don't want to spoil the story, so I will not divulge the denouement.........

The book focuses very much on the younger members of the extended Kauffman family, and it is lovely to see what happens to these three dear friends as they mature and make decisions for their adult lives.
As always, the recipes insterpersed in the book are a delight.

A  throughly enjoyable read and end to the Kauffman Bakery families' story.

 Thank you, Amy !

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Amy Clipston said...

Thank you for the wonderful review!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great series. I love the characters. I can not but live with the story of these characters. It is not hard to read this series quickly. I just can not but give you an A Plus! Love you Amy! To bad you could not keep going on this series but it would fit. Really nice!

Anonymous said...

Great review. Waiting for this series to be complete then will purchase it all.

Juanita Cook

Melina Mason said...

I agree a great book!

wilma said...

god bless you ! you have a great tatent thanks for sharing it with us