Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Review - Confessions Of A Male Nurse

 Confessions of a Male Nurse
by Michael Alexander
Published by The Friday Project (Harper Collins UK), May 2012

As I have had the misfortune of needing four operations already this year, I have spent a goodly amount of time in hospital, and this was one of the books in my Read & Review list.
 The book consists of short chapters, ideal for intermittent reading .I am so glad I read it, as it was one of the most thoughtful books I have read this year. 

Having worked in a hospital myself,  it rang so authentically - and in some places, horrifyingly - true. Understaffed wards, sometimes insufficiently trained medical and nursing staff and unsupportive management are the things all hospital staff deal with at some time or another, and this book, although rip-roaringly amusing in places, pulls no punches at all about the quite dreadful impact these scenarios can have on patient care and staff safety alike.
  Despite this sobering aspect, the camaraderie, team spirit and good humour the author encounters in the hospitals in which he works provides some heart-warming episodes too.  Parts of the book are quite literally hysterically funny and made me loud out loud on many occasions.

The British NHS has many good points , but it did not surprise me that eventually the author decided to go back to work in New Zealand where nurses are valued more and work in better conditions.
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