Monday, June 11, 2012

DoomHamster In The Wars

My eldest daughter, Mrs DoomHamster, suffered a mishap on Friday night. She had gone out with her grandparents and was having a highly enjoyable evening  until she slipped and fell. As is normal behaviour, she put out her hand to break her fall, and instead unhappily fractured her right wrist in two places. As she is right-handed and a secretary by profession, being unable to write or type is Not Good......

Mercifully it was a very quiet night in A&E so she was seen very quickly and has her arm in plaster. She will be going to Fracture Clinic at the hospital on Friday to have her split cast checked and presumably replaced with a more permanent one, so she is pondering what colour to choose and how best people may autograph it !
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Anonymous said...

Then, Mrs. DoomHamster should expect a get-well gift amidst this week whilst her husband prays for an uncomplicated recovery. :-*

-Mr. DoomHamster-

Ian Climacus said...

Oh dear...prayers and best wishes to Mrs [and Mr!] DoomHamster. Thanks be to God she was seen quickly.