Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Review - A Knitter's Home Companion

A Knitter's Home Companion

by Michelle Edwards

Published in 2011 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang

The book is split into four main categories: Motherhood, Home, Community and Legacy,  and is  filled chockablock with anecdotes, musings, recipes and  most importantly of all, knitting project patterns for the reader to undertake.

I share the author's wistfulness at not being able to pass on her fascination for and love of knitting to her family as I have had the same problem with my own daughters; they like what I knit for them but they either don't really want to learn it themselves, or find it extremely difficult to do so when they are left-handed.

Filled with lovely illustrations, much of the book made me giggle in delight at finding a fellow knitting fanatic who cannot pass a wool/yarn shop without admiring, handling, coveting and eventually buying wool to add to an ever increasing mini-mountain at home.

Some of the projects included are mittens, slippers, afghans, lacy scarves and egg cosies; it has inspired me to seriously consider attempting to knit socks, which have always previously filled me with terror, as the pattern she gives can be turned into mittens if you find yourself doubting your commitment, enthusiasm or technical ability to complete socks!

A delightfully homely book in every sense of the word; centred around family, home, love, life and laughter and the many, many joys of knitting.

Michelle has a website here, which is very well worth checking out.
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