Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Travelling To The Wedding!

I really love this bridge !
This is the second Severn Crossing Bridge


It is so clean and elegant in design; photos simply do not do it justice......

Traffic going in the other direction was at a complete standstill for several miles due to an accident on the
We saw many fields full of acid-yellow oilseed rape, which will be harvested and used to produce cooking oil. On a sunny day, the colour is so bright it really does hurt your eyes.....

Our  first view of the outskirts of Bath; DD4 was desperate for me to take this photo :-)

All the buildings were in the lovely local stone and many were in a regency design which Miss Austen would have recognised.......

This last photo was of a very decorous and discreet family business, with a brass plaque which announces soberly : Undertakers.

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