Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Review - My Dearest Naomi

 My Dearest Naomi
by Jerry & Tina Eicher
Published by Harvest House Publishers, July 2012

 This book chronicles how Eugene Mast, a young Amish man from Indiana, accepts a full school year teaching post at a Mennonite school in Iowa and must leave his family and his sweetheart, Naomi Miller, behind for nine months.

Eugene and Naomi write frequent letters to each other, some long, some short, some filled with sadness, some with joy. They tell each other everything about their lives, and how they are coping with their separation, and in the process, learn a great deal about each other's deepest hopes, fears and beliefs. Will Eugene find life in the more liberal Mennonite community more to his liking than his strict Amish background, and will he or Naomi meet other potential partners ? Their long separation is hard to bear, but they find reserves of inner strength and emerge with themselves and their relationship intact, maturer and stronger than ever.

This is a touching, endearing and gentle book, accurately chronicling the heartbreaks and joys of the first love relationship of this sweet and earnest young couple. It made me smile, sigh and ultimately rejoice as they are eventually reunited. The story is based upon the letters which the authors themselves wrote to each other during a period of separation and definitely carries the stamp of an authentic relationship.
A great read !
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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading your books...thank-you for your time and hard work.

Geri Kelley :)