Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And More Recently Read !

Being in hospital so much over the last two weeks has given me ample opportunity to read :-)

My Sister's Keeper reduced me to tears. A couple with a desperately ill daughter choose to have a designer baby to "save" their first daughter. Problem is, as the designer daughter grows up, she doesn't want to continue to be a source of spare parts for her sister, who now needs a kidney transplant........ an interesting look into the family dynamics, morals and ethics of choosing to have a designer baby to save a sick sibling.

The Little Dancer by Lorna Hill is an old book. I have read many of  Lorna Hill's ballet books for children/young teens; many are superb but this was truly not one of her best. I will keep it for the sake of enhancing my collection by this author, but I won't be reading it again.....

I ♥ Pioneer Woman, which in the USA is sold as From High Heels to Tractor Wheeels. Ree Drummond has a wonderful photography /cooking website  and the book tells of her romance with the man who would become her husband and her move from city living to life as a home-schooling Mom on a cattle ranch.

An oldie but a goodie! The story of the Phantom of the Opera, told as only Terry Pratchett can.

For anyone who loves the Anglican shrine at Walsingham and its history, this is a must-read, albeit tangentially.  Fr Bernard Walke was a very high church Anglican who transformed  the religious life of his Cornish parish at St Hilary. Hard-core Protestants conspired with the Consistory Courts to destroy his beautification of the church, and the Children's Home which he established in St Hilary was later transferred to Walsingham and supported by Fr Hope Patten and the Shrine, to provide the children with a safe haven and continuing Anglo-Catholic life and worship away form the distressing situation in St Hilary. To read Fr Bernard's account of the despoilation of his lovely little Church is heart-breaking and reduced me to tears.

I like Faye Kellerman's Jewish detective thrillers immensely, and my DD3 found this in the Library for me. It is a clever book, well-written by Faye and her young daughter - but strange, unnerving and quite unsettling.

Another detective writer of note is Georgette Heyer. This was a gem, bought at a charity shop !

This was one of my Mother's Day gifts.  The return of Jewish cop Peter Decker and his family, now including Gabe, the RC son of a hitman who has an uneasy and grudging respect for Decker and his wife. Gabe is a young musical genius who falls head over heels in love with a much younger Persian Jewish  girl, and the family end up embroiled in a nightmare scenario of teen sex, drug misuse, bullying, teen suicide and some of the most vicious  - but sadly realistic- behaviour  you  pray would never happen to your kids.  Frightening, disturbing, graphic and realistic, this makes me want to homeschool my kids.
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