Friday, February 03, 2012

Playing The Waiting Game

Our washing machine finally gave up the ghost last Sunday, after 7 years and 51 weeks of hard work and faithful service. We ordered a new one online, and were delighted to be told it could be delivered today.

Last night we had a text message to say it would arrive sometime between 9 am and 1pm, so we disconnected the old appliance, moved stuff out of the kitchen and generally made room for the new one to be delivered and unpacked in the kitchen.

DH walked DD4 to school this morning so I could be here when the new machine was delivered and installed.

It is now 1.03pm and no sign of the delivery, no phone calls, no text messages to say they would be delayed or anything. I am just glad that one of us hadn't had to take a day off work to be hanging round waiting for it to arrive :-)
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1 comment:

Michelle M. said...

We have been playing a similar waiting game with our washer and dryer. We bought new ones months ago and have been trying to see the old ones since. Finally, tonight, someone is supposed to be purchasing them from us. I hope it actually works out because many people before him have said they would do the same.