Friday, February 03, 2012

Playing The Waiting Game 2

After lunch, DH phoned the company and politley asked why our new washing machine hadn't arrived, only to be told the delivery van had broken down and our "new" delivery slot was between 5pm and 6pm.
Fair enough.

I walked to school to collect DD4, only to arrive at school and receive a phone call to say that our machine would be delivered within 15 minutes it was  a good thing DH had stayed at home in the warm and could let them in. By the time I got home, the washing machine was plumbed in and ready to use. It is much more complicated than the old one, but we managed to decipher the rather incoherent manual, and our first wash is in progress as I type.....   :-)
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margaret said...

Glad you've got it! Even as a single person I can't think of many things as incovenient as no washing machine. Last time I needed a new one I was so busy at work that I washed clothes in the bath for two weeks before managing to get to the shop!

DebD said...

I'm it finally arrived. Have fun figuring it all out.