Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holiday Photos 3 - Monkey Business At Longleat Safari Park

We were on the safari bus, but for the people who drove through the monkey enclosure in their own cars,  they really did risk expensive damage to their vehicles.......

The rhino were magnificent !

This is Anne the 57 year old elephant, who was rescued from abusive carers at a circus and is now living a very happy life, pampered by the staff at Longleat. She is now well enough to play leisurely games of football :-)

The lions just casually walk across the road whenever they feel like it. It is amazing to be this close to such lethal creatures.

It's hard to get decent pictures of the wolves, as they tend to congregate in the isolated parts of their enclosure.

The otters are delightful.

The meerkats have an extensive outside run, but free access to their indoor quarters, where they can snuggle up under special overhead heaters before darting back outside again.

The porcupines were not going to pose for us, sadly !

The  bat keeper allowed me to shoot a photo - without flash, but using subdued green light instead - of his precious fruitbats, which lived in almost total darkness.

                                    We just  missed the parrot show, but were able to photograph them.
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Mimi said...

What great photos! I have to admit, I did a double take when I clicked on your blog and saw monkeys :)

georgi said...

Great photos...what fun you must have had! I have been looking forward to spring, so we can visit the zoo!