Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holiday Photos 2. Longleat House

This is magnificent Longleat House, seen from the main approach drive. I am profoundly thankful I don't have to clean the 365 windows.......

One of the wall paintings in the Orangery, now a cafe .

.....where we had hot drinks so big you needed to use both handles to pick them up !

There was a wonderful, atmospheric and dimly-lit Hall of Mirrors, where you had to find various Arthurian themed objects to get to the centre...... great fun, but difficult to take photographs. This was the Round Table .

I've tried to capture the mirrors and the Green Man carvings.

There is a truly enormous Adventure Park for the youngsters, with separate areas for differently aged children. DD3, at nearly 14 and taller than I am, was still just inside the height restriction for the older areas of the castle. I wish they made one just for adults.........

The aerial walkways were great.

And for some reason, flying proudly over the Castle, was the Welsh Flag - Y Ddraig Coch {The Red Dragon} even though we were actually in Wiltshire, England !
It made us smile to see a reminder of home  :-)

Wildlife park animal photos to follow !
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