Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Books And Family

I haven't forgotten that I am woefully overdue with producing a proper "Recently Read" digest, honestly :-)

I have been fortunate enough to have quite a few digital ebooks allotted to me to review as well as a mountain of "real" books from recent hauls at charity shops, and as I am largely occupied in looking after Mum, my reading time is generally when all the chores have been done and Mum is sleeping.

Many of my digital books for review are via NetGalley and if you already review books on your blogs, it is worth checking them out to see if the books they have are in genres you might enjoy. Many of the digital books are in time-limited format, rather like borrowing ebooks from your local library, but it is rather nice to read books that you can't yet buy for another six months !  I would not choose to request a book that I know I will definitely not enjoy. No horror fiction for me  :-)

Mum has had another chest infection, and she seems to be slowly making some headway now with the benefit of  heavy-duty antibiotic tablets after giving us a very anxious forty eight hours......

We also had news today that an elderly friend died peacefully last night after a severe but short  illness. To the devoted servant of God, Gwyn - Memory Eternal !
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Athanasia said...

Glad to know your Mum is on the mend. It is so hard to watch our parents struggle when they have been the one to nurture and care for us.

Memory eternal formyour friend.

Thanks for sharing NetGalley. I am going to have to check that out.

Ian Climacus said...

May Gwyn's memory be eternal!

Prayers for your mum.

And happy reading!

Michelle M. said...

Still praying for your mother.
May Gwyn's memory be eternal!