Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book Review - The World In Your Lunchbox

The World In Your Lunchbox by Claire Eamer
Published by Annick Press, February 2012

This is a great book which will capture the attention of almost any child or even adult. Full of delightfully quirky  and funny colour cartoon illustrations by the talented Sa Boothroyd, it takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour through the background of some of our most commonly eaten foods.
Divided into seven chapters, and featuring a different lunchbox meal in each, the book is crammed full of funny and fascinating facts.
Did you know about the Bishop who ate his boots to avoid starving to death when on a perilous journey in Canada in 1909? I certainly didn't, and I learnt something new on virtually every page I read. Even staple foods like ham and tomato sandwiches have an interesting  background, and I had no idea that you can even get stripy tomatoes......

Hot dogs, pizza, macaroni cheese and other favourite foods get the same treatment and as a result, history, science and food technology are all neatly combined in this super book. Highly recommended for the young and young at heart alike.
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