Thursday, February 02, 2012

Book Review - Treasured Amish & Mennonite Recipes

I am struggling to find words to do justice to Treasured Amish & Mennonite Recipes .
This new paperback was published in October 2011, and as its subtitle says, it contains "627 Delicious, Down-to-Earth Recipes from Authentic Country Kitchens".

What the subtitle doesn't tell you is that it is full of delightful colour photographs of Amish and Mennonite areas, buggies and the occasional shots of people, and that the subject divider pages are illustrated with quilt square piece illustrations, which makes flicking to each chapter a delight in itself.

 This lovely  book is incredibly comprehensive, cramming 627 recipes into its 336 pages and ranging from traditional Amish foods to more modern dishes such as Vietnamese Spring Rolls, covering hearty and filling casseroles, using dandelions to make drinks, cheesemaking, breadmaking, making your own pickles, jams and preserves, soap- making and a special chapter on traditional remedies. There are some wonderful pot-luck sized recipes too, most notably one for 20 gallons of Borscht which starts off with 50lbs of meat and bones ! The purist might balk at things such as using tinned soups and processed cheese as convenient bases for some recipes, but the most are cooked "from scratch".

I loved reviewing the time-limited ebook from the publisher so much that I have bought my very own paperback copy from
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