Saturday, January 07, 2012


Yesterday was One Of Those Days.

The sort of day where everything seems to go wrong, everything is more difficult than usual and life seems totally and utterly determined to "get" you.

My final straw came in the early evening when  I was kneeling down, rummaging in a food cupboard, frantically searching for a carton of passata to finish making my pasta sauce. As I crossly grabbed items, checked labels and grumpily replaced them, a very large but mercifully plastic jar of  fruit in juice fell out of the cupboard and hit me straight in the face. If it had been a metal can of equivalent size, it would have really, really hurt.

I squealed, then uttered a few expletives. My dear husband, who was standing nearby washing dishes at the sink, looked rather surprised at the flow of somewhat colourful language and the sight of me clutching my cheek with tears streaming down my face and muttering  "I give up. I've had enough, I just want to go to bed, pull the quilt over my head and shut the world out for a while and complain."

After a minute or so, during which time my dear husband went to the garage and returned with  four cartons of tomatoes, one for me to use now and the rest put into the store cupboard,  I stopped sniffling in self-pity and started to laugh. 

It's so easy to apportion blame everywhere *except* where it is due, isn't it ?

If I had cleared out the cupboard last week, as I had intended, I would have known exactly what food was still in there so I wouldn't have needed to rummage frantically, the wretched cupboard would have been organised and tidy so that everything was easily visible and accessible and the precariously balanced jar of fruit would not then have been placed in a position where it was able to wobble off the top shelf and fall on me at all..... but no, *I* had become side-tracked and distracted from my list of household tasks I needed to do, and had chosen to spend an extra hour  on Facebook and leaving me no time to finish clearing out the kitchen.  I hadn't bothered to finish off those original chores on subsequent days, either.


And the very fact that the kitchen cupboards are plentifully stocked with food should always be a cause for thankfulness and gratitude in a world where so many people are hungry and in need, and not a cause for complaint.

I thanked my husband, finished making our meal in a very thoughtful frame of mind and said Grace with careful attention to the words. Afterwards, I looked in the mirror at the tiny bruise the jar had left on my cheekbone, and was profoundly thankful I didn't have a black eye instead :-)
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