Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Day 17

Photo Day 17 - Water

It was so hard to choose that I have picked four :-)

This is a frequent view in the ancient town of Tenby, in Pembrokeshire, Wales. As you walk through the town, there are narrow passageways giving tantalising and delightful glimpses of the sea.....

Tenby again.
The water really was that colour blue !

 And yet again, but this time looking across to the wonderful holy island of Caldey, home of many Saints since the very earliest days of Christianity in Wales, and still home to a monastery even now.

Perched just offshore from Tenby, when you go there, it is a different and very peaceful world. I would love to go there again soon.

And my dear little lake :-)

These were ripples from a swan landing in the water......
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Babushka Joanna said...

I so dearly, dearly love the sea...beautiful.


margaret said...

I do like the first photo, with the hanging flowers and narrow strip of blue it could almost be Lake Garda!