Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Day 14

Photo Day 14 - Something You're Reading

These are my current three books "on the go".

"The Stripping Of The Altars" is a magnificent, weighty and scholarly tome which manages to be an utterly absorbing and readable account of the English reformation.  I have read this book several times, and it reduces me to tears each time as I see the last vestiges of Orthodoxy forcibly ripped from the English people....

Codes & Ciphers is a small book but crammed full of the most fascinating information and instructions about creating and breaking codes and ciphers. One day I will actually master Morse Code !

Georgette Heyer, Biography of a Bestseller by Jennifer Kloester is a delight. I am rationing myself to a few pages each day because I cannot bear to reach the end. Georgette Heyer was an intensely private woman, a meticulous scholar and researcher whose knowledge of the Regency period was phenomenal and unparalleled in her lifetime - or ever since. I have been reading her books since I was 12, and am relishing each and every page  of this biography, for which Jennifer Kloester was given unprecendented access to the Heyer family documents and photographs  :-)

And now I am up to date in the Challenge !
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margaret said...

I am reading The Stripping of the Altars just now too!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Great minds think alike !