Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding, Choosing And Reading Books With Your Children

 Have you ever been at a loss to know how to get your child really interested in reading, or wondered just how on earth you are supposed to choose books which your child will enjoy when there are literally thousands of books to choose from, and which can vary dramatically in price? Quality is also an issue; books can sometimes be quite boring, use overly complicated language, be poorly illustrated or have awkward typefaces and font sizes - any of these can so easily discourage a beginning or reluctant reader.

Like many other parents, I relied a great deal on word of mouth recommendations from friends whose children were of similar ages to mine, as well as consulting with my friendly and knowledgeable local librarian and bookseller. Now there is the added bonus of being able to do the same thing but on a much bigger scale, thanks to the Internet.

Over the years I have bought lots of books from Red House, and I was delighted to find that they have now introduced an interactive section to their website, My Red House, where you can browse recommendations and reviews from experts, children and parents alike, enter competitions, download resources and activities, and even "chat" with other parents. You can read interviews with famous authors and illustrators and search for book signings and book related events all over the UK, as well as vote for your favourite book in the upcoming Red House Children's Book Awards.

Once you have found a book you like, you can purchase it directly from Red House Books at a bargain price and have it delivered quickly to your home.I have had great fun browsing the site and I will certainly be bookmarking it in my "Favourites" folder!

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