Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eat To Boost Your Immunity

I've spent a  very absorbing few hours reading a book by Kirsten Hartvig called "Eat To Boost Your Immunity".
We have a strong history of asthma, bronchitis and eczema in our family, and I am always on the look-out for information and ways to lessen the risks of these problems for my own children.

I really like the glossy, well laid out and and beautifully illustrated  large format of the book; it is attractive, easy to use and crammed full of information about beneficial foods and most importantly, has lots of recipes !

An informative section about how the immune system works opens the book, followed by a section on the many foods which are known to help the immune system function more effectively and  includes recipes using each type of foodstuff.  Part Three discusses health problems and gives specific information about which foods will  helps the most with that condition; a wide variety of specific problems from cystitis to migraine and diabetes are discussed, as well as stress-related issues.

Part Four provides a wealth of recipes in specific soup/starter/snack/main meal/salad/dessert/drinks categories. This makes the book very easy to use; many of these recipes are easy to make and look absolutely delicious......I am looking forward to trying them all out, especially the smoothies and herbal based drinks !

It is great to find a book which pulls together information about healthy eating, illnesses and beneficial foods in one informative and up to date volume which is as equally interesting  to browse through as well as when looking for information about a specific problem or food.
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margaret said...

Thank you... I will probably get this. I have asthma and every year my chest infections seem to be more frequent.