Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recently Read

Finished a few more :-)

I have yet to read anything by the Chief Rabbi of the UK which has failed to engage me deeply.
 Radical Then, Radical Now is a remarkable Apologia for Judaism, written for his son
on the occasion of his marriage, and explains why Judaism has been so important
throughout history and why it continues to be relevant even now.
I borrowed this from the Library and will certainly be buying a copy of my own......

For some reason, my "point and shoot" digital camera did not like the glossy cover of this book and refused to auto-focus properly in the gloom of the evening...... 

The book is called Vanilla Beans and Bodo and chronicles the life of a couple who
 settle in the small fortified Tuscan village of  Montalcino,
a place with a truly remarkable history and breadth of customs.
 Some sections I found a little tedious and skipped over quite quickly,
and at 456 pages it was longer than was truly enjoyable.
Verdict - interesting, but not going on my "keep heap".
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