Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recently Read

Two medically oriented books. Mountains Beyond Mountains is the remarkable story of a determined American doctor working to bring health care to someof the remotest and poorest areas of Haiti. 
The Essential Difference is  a fascinating account of research done into the differences between male and female brains  and the links with autistic traits.

Climbing Jacob's Ladder relates the story of  Alan Morinis' quest to find out more about Jewish Mussar spirituality, and is a book I have read - with great profit- several times. Definitely a keeper !

I love historical books, and this one,  Princesses, by Lady Antonia Fraser's daughter Flora is a fascinating account of the quite sad lives of the daughters of King George III.

Come, Follow Me is another much read book of mine, which I dearly love.

I have read several books by the mother & daughter team, P J Tracy, but Want To Play?  is the first in the series, and was exceptionally cleverly plotted.

These two are Elinor Brent-Dyer books only tangentially connected to her Chalet School series, but excellent and enjoyable reads.

Travels in an Old Tongue is the story of an American who falls in love with the Welsh language and decides to travel round the world meeting other Welsh language learners. Her journeys take her to Scandinavia, Japan, India and many other places where one wouldn't imagine that people would be learning Welsh......

I ♥ Miss Read's delightful stories about life in Fairacre and Thrush Green :-)

Amish Peace is another re-read, to great spiritual profit.

I have three other of Carol Drinkwater's books about her passionate love of her olive farm in the South of France. In this book, The Olive Route,  she travels around the Mediterranean to try to find out more about the history of olive cultivation, and it makes for fascinating reading.

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Unknown said...

Quite the reading list you've compiled...

Tracy Kidder's book is must reading for any medical, nursing, or allied health professional who ventures into providing care in places like Haiti. It's difficult business - especially in Haiti where nearly two years after the earthquake they've gotten nowhere towards rebuilding anything that was destroyed.

I was approached recently by one of my friends who is an EMS provider in the northwest United States (he works in King County, Washington, outside of Seattle) and he is going to Haiti in April for the third time in 12 months. He asked me if I'd consider going with him. Depending on timing (I don't know when Spring Break is going to happen, but if may be when he is going) I may do it. And I'm thinking I might read this book beforehand.

Hoping you're having wonderful Christmas holiday, Sian. And have a happy and prosperous (and hopefully peaceful) New Year.

Mimi said...

I just read the first of Miss Read's Fairacre series, very delightful indeed.

Anonymous said...

Several of these sounds so interesting. Definitely going to give them a try in the new year. Thanks for sharing.