Friday, December 16, 2011

Recent Photos

 At strategic points in our town, there are three almost life-size Nativity scenes. 
This is the one outside the medieval parish church.

 On a recent visit to BlogTown, we had to go by bus
and it was so very lovely to walk through the bus station
and see a very large and lovely Nativity scene !

The bus station is completely enclosed,
but the pigeons still manage to get in and forage for food. 
This one actually flicked the food up into the air, hence the blurry shot !

 Another shot of a pigeon... 
as requested by DD3, who loved this pigeon :-)

 This ornamental cherry tree is on my daily dog-walking route; 
it is in full blossom in December !

 We have had heavy hail showers every day this week; 
this one happened up my Mum's
on Tuesday, so I took some photos of her back garden. 
It went white within twenty seconds....

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elizabeth said...


Janelle thegeekywife said...

Nice! The pigeon is really happy looking. The hail storms can be scary & beautiful all at once.

margaret said...

It is a very smart pigeon...