Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Review of Proverbs "Reconstructed"

Proverbs "Reconstructed "
by Gus Dallas

Published by Thomas Nelson


The Book of Proverbs has always been one of my favourite Bible books. It is chock full of wisdom and advice relating to just about any everyday situation you can imagine and remains as relevant to us in the twenty-first century as it was when originally written down.

Most people from even a nominally Christian background will be familiar with some of the proverbs as they have passed into everyday speech and usage, but the original arrangement of them in the Bible makes it pretty difficult to quickly locate the one you might want unless you have access to a Bible search engine which can isolate the quote for you using a keyword. Gus Dallas has produced a book which solves the problem in a neat and no-nonsense fashion.

He has looked at the themes running through Proverbs and categorised them; enabling partially-remembered proverbs to be quickly identified, and also making it possible to study which proverbs relate to a particular theme so it is possible to see what said about marriage, being a good or bad neighbour, etc. Just about every topic you can think of is included, from Abomination through to Zealous, covering ants, horses, feet, rebellion, and winking....

This is definitely a keeper; the only minor drawback is that a modern translation is used, and to my ears, the proverbs are much more memorable and impressive in the King James Version.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program.
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margaret said...

Knowing what the Bible says about horses' feet is always a conversation piece and if you can follow up quickly with what the Breslaver rebbe said about teabags you're on to a party season winner. Re your FB comment... heaven only knows. Send some Na-Nachs round to their offices to sing and hug them into sense.