Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Queen And The Cats - A Story About St Helena

I was recently asked to read and review a children's illustrated book about St Helena the Empress's visit to Cyprus.
I was of course very happy to do so :-)

"The Queen And the Cats: A Story About St Helena" is a delightful  little book, written by Calee Lee and cleverly illustrated by Turbo Qualls in an unusual - and visually very striking - manner .

 It tells the story of a very young girl who meets St Helena during the imperial visit to Cyprus to bestow a portion of the True Cross to the islanders for veneration. This generous gift by the Empress is not as straightforward  a blessing as they had all hoped, and puts the islanders in grave danger until she finds a way to make the island safe again. I know this is a bit of a teaser, but I was so thrilled to learn about this particular story that I would hate to spoil the ending for anyone else who does not know it :-)

The book is very well written from the viewpoint of the young girl, and lovingly displays her innnocence, puzzlement and enthusiasm over some of the things that happen to her, her family and friends as events unfold. It is particularly suitable for children of pre-school age right up to ages 7 - 8, though my older girls and I thoroughly enjoyed it too!

The book is available in the traditional paperback as well as in Kindle and Nook formats and a generic Epub format. The latter worked very well indeed on my basic Elonex ereader.

 For those who may not yet have an ereader, Adobe Digital editions and the Kindle software can be freely downloaded to a computer to enable you to enjoy this inexpensive book; Kindle software is also available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

I will certainly be getting the paperback version of this book for my library of children's books, and it would be a blessing to any Orthodox or Catholic family which has a veneration for St Helena.
Thank you, Calee, for allowing me to read and review, and **please** keep on writing !
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Mimi said...

What a blessing you got to review this one! I am looking forward to it (says she whose youngest is a mid-teenager :) )