Friday, September 23, 2011

Catch Up

The weather finally seems to have settled down a little after the high winds and days of torrential rain over the last fortnight or so. The waterfowl at the local pond are no longer hunched miserably on the pond, heads tucked down and being buffetted mercilessly by the high winds rather than being blown off the grassy banks where they normally sit and rest........

We have blue skies and sunshine today, and the last few flowers in the garden and looking pretty. The nights are drawing in and it is really chilly first thing in the mornings; autumn is definitely here even if the trees are only just starting to show signs that the leaves are getting ready to change colours.

When I was in my fave thrift shop on Tuesday, I noticed that they had a few of the Agatha Christie Collection of magazines; DoomHamster has the complete set of books from several years ago but is missing a few of the mags, so I sent her a text message to ask which ones she was missing in the hope I might be able to fill in the gaps in her collection. Having gained the information, I knelt down to access the magazines on the bottom shelf of the bookcase, only to have a heartsink moment.

My propensity for attracting unusual people had struck yet again, and a woman was standing behind me, singing loudly and tunelessly, and swaying in time to the song.  That would not have been too bad, but as she was carrying a bag, and simultaneously leaning over me to pick up books from a shelf above my head, it meant I was being tapped on the head every few seconds. Why she could not have stood next to me on the other side and then she could have reached her books much more comfortably and without bashing me on the head remains a mystery, but I couldn't move as I would then have been blocking the staircase :-)
I did manage to find one magazine for DoomH, so it was worth enduring the noise and the head-tapping. The following day I managed to get a HB copy (in very good condition) of Bill Bryson's "At Home" for DoomHamster for the princely sum  of 80p at the same shop, but without the musical accompaniment, LOL.

The interlude with Mum being very bright and lucid has now passed. She is back to being confused and struggling to find words, and getting very tearful again. Whether this is due to the fact that Monday was the second anniversary of my brother's death, I'm not sure, as her grasp on time and date is extremely tenuous at best.... I went to the cemetery, washed the gravestone, lit the grave lantern, prayed the prayers for the dead and put fresh flowers (a red rose, a red gerbera, and white dahlias and chrysanthemums) in the pots, so it looked nice. Mum is starting to sleep a lot more again, so when I am with her, once the dusting etc is done and all the vast quantities of dirty laundry have gone in the machine, there is often little for me to do other than read; I've managed to get through quite a lot of books this week and will be doing my regular Recently Read post in the next few days.

I've restocked the bird feeder, so it now sports fat (suet and seed) balls, bread, peanuts and a net feeder of assorted seeds as well as a water dish, and the birds have been flocking back, to my delight. I've left the windfall apples for the birds and insects to feast on, which makes the garden look messy but helps my feathered friends.  Our cotoneaster and other shrubs have loads of berries, so I am wondering if the folklore that this presages a harsh winter are true.........I'm really glad our firewood for the winter has been ordered and will be delivered next month. We have plenty to last us till then, but I am trying not to light the wood-burning stove just yet, as it makes the winter seem terribly long if it has been burning since September!
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margaret said...

I'm sorry to hear about mum, she's always in my prayers.

I can empathise with attracting unusual people. I can guarantee if one gets on the bus she or he will always sit by me and tell me their life story... or something.

And thank you for reminding me it's time to stock up on bird food. Miss Darcy will be furious if her big screen entertainment centre (aka the dining room window) isn't properly set up this winter...

elizabeth said...

sorry to hear your Mom is struggling again; lots of love to ou... candle lit...

Mimi said...

My youngest chose an Agatha Christie for summer reading this year, this post reminds me I still haven't read any of her books.

Hugs to you and your dear mom, my dear. You are in my thoughts and prayers.