Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Recently Read

Only a quick update, due to a poorly computer.......

False Colours, by the inimitable Georgette Heyer, is a wonderful comfort read when I feel down. With its delightful characters, intricate plot and satisfying resolution, it always works wonders when I am feeling jaded. The vision of poor Sir Bonamy Ripple, struggling to come to terms with the knowledge that he is shortly to become married to the woman he thought was safely unattainable, always makes me giggle!

The Colossus of Rhodes is a juvenile fiction book by the classicist Caroline Lawrence, and a thumping good read set in the early Christian period.

People Who Say Goodbye was such a poignant, well-written and in places, an incredibly humorous book. If you get chance to read it, do so. It's definitely in my "keeper" pile.

This book of two Sherlock Holmes stories by David Davies was most enjoyable. My favourite was the first, dealing with the Giant Rat of Sumatra, to which Conan Doyle alludes in one of the original SH stories. Both were enjoyable reads, however. Even better was finding this brand new and unread for 20p in the charity shop :-)

The Freedom Writers Diary was fascinating. An idealistic teacher of teenagers gets them involved in examining racism and discrimination in a variety of forms, and their interactions with people involved in this wide-ranging and complex field, and how this subsequently affected the youngsters involved, was very moving.

Victorian Pharmacy is a wonderful "living history" book of the eponymous TV series, which is being repeated in the UK at the moment. I missed the series first time round, and am recording it this time ! How anyone survived the horrors of Victorian medicine, with its dependency on arsenic, mercury and opiates in virtually everything is truly remarkable....... there are many non-toxic recipes for the curious reader to experiment with at home, for toiletries, cough syrup and the like.

Meg, you inspired me to look for a copy of - and read-  Winter in Thrush Green , and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I  haven't yet read every book, but  I am trying hard :-)

Twelve Babies On a Bike is the diary of a student midwife in 1956, and the families she met. Funny, sad and sobering in places, anyone who is interested in midwifery would enjoy this volume.
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Mimi said...

I LOVED "Twelve Babies on a Bike." I have a Miss Read book in my TBR.

margaret said...

I am a great admirer of Georgette Heyer, indeed, I got most of my slang from her when my parents would let me use contemporary slang. And, of course, Miss Tilney is a great devotee of Juliette Furrburr, Miss Heyer's feline companion, whose works she tells me are infinitely superior. Sadly she has not had the leisure to translate them yet.