Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meeting People

Yesterday, I took DD4 to town . We had a few things to buy, some errands to run and we were planning on having lunch at Subway as a special treat. We checked the bus timetables online, and made our way to the bus stop, where there was a lovely older lady already waiting. She asked what time the bus was due, and we began to talk. I am so glad that the bus was running late, because this lady was an absolute treasure, and we simply loved talking to her !

She didn't look it, but she was an active, spry and very alert 89, and was telling us about what a culture shock she had when her family moved here from London, during the early part of the war, to this small and very quiet town. She had been a teenager, and had really missed all the London dance halls, and was appalled that no-one here had even heard of the jitterbug dance, let alone knew how to dance it ! I have a sneaking suspicion that this feisty lady very soon taught people all the latest London dances :-)

It was such fun talking to her, and even more fun when it transpired that she is the mother of an acquaintance of mine :-)

The bus was jampacked full and we had to stand on the journey, which was a bit of a pain as the bus was rocking and rolling  like a thing possessed, and I was mortified when I accidentally trod on one poor lady's toes. And of course, she was wearing sandals, so it would have really hurt.... I did apologise profusely, but she was not very happy, as was to be expected.

It was a relief to get off the bus and onto terra firma , and we headed up to Subway to have our lunch. The last time I was there, it was filled with loud and foul-outheed youngsters, who made being in the same room as them a misery, so we were a bit on edge, but we needn't have been. As we were there by about 11.45am, there were only one or two families and some sweet, chatty teenage girls there. We had a lovely, leisurely lunch then headed off to buy some lacy net fingerless coloured gloves for my Mum, as she is very conscious of the perpetual and unsightly marks on her hands as the result of the medications she takes. We bought some lovely kingfisher blue ones, to match some of her clothes, and a pair of sensible black ones, before we went to the charity shops and found some little treasures, which will be blogged soon :-)

A trip to the Library for DD4 to sign up for the summer reading scheme and then to buy a few things from the supermarket, and we were on our way back to the bus stop. We met a dear friend of my brother's, whom my mother calls her "second son", and were able to tell him of the most recent developments in Mum's health. He will visit her very soon, bless him. We also met a work colleague of my mother's, so we had a brief chat with her to give her the latest news, before finally staggering onto the bus. - this time, we mercifully found  a seat!

The rest of the day was peaceful, but with the evening came growing anxiety about the wellbeing of friends and loved ones in areas of the country which are being badly affected by the current civil unrest. I was up till very late indeed,  waiting for confirmation that dear friends were safe and well, and I slept only fitfully, troubled by unnerving dreams. It was a relief to get up this morning and check the news.

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margaret said...

The idea of the lace gloves is so nice. I am glad you had such a good day, I was rather afraid that the opening lines were the lull before a storm and you were going to relate being caught up in something awful.

elizabeth said...

sounds like a nice day out. sending some hugs your way!