Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family News

Mum's central heating has been updated and a new boiler fitted this week, and on Thursday I had a phone call to say the hospital bed (requested many weeks ago by the District Nurses) would be delivered on Friday.

As you can imagine, with every upstairs room, the hall, landing and stairs all having had furniture removed, carpets and floorboards lifted etc, the house was in total pandemonium to start off with, and then the living room had to be cleared enough to get a full size hospital bed in situ......

I managed it, and by lunchtime yesterday, after a great deal of disruption, Mum was safely ensconced in her whizzy electric bed, watching her big TV. At least now she is comfortable, in the midst of things and the carers can get on with their work in safety, with minimal distress or disturbance to Mum.  She seems pleased to be in the living room, but I have seen a big deterioration in her this week. She has been frequently saying "I want to go home", seemingly oblivious to the fact that she is in the house where she has lived for 43 years.

DH suggested that perhaps she is talking about wanting to go back to her childhood home, and I think he may be right.

Kyrie eleison.
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Sarah in Indiana said...

When I have gone through particularly stressful times, I recall often waking up in my own bed, and my first thought being, "I want to go home." What I was acrually craving was peace.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, Kyrie, elesion. Continuing prayers for her and your whole family.

And here's an e-hug from Ormskirk!

Michelle M. said...

Lord have mercy. We continue to pray for you both.

margaret said...

DH may have a point. I'm your age, not Mum's, but when I was at my lowest ebb with the cancer I huddled under the quilt and all I wanted was to emerge into my childhood home. I can't explain it but it was very strong. I so wanted mum and dad and our dog and everything as if I was seven again - and if I was a bit older and a bit more stressed it could easily have come out seeming irrational, as it was I was totally alone except for the Little Sisters.

Athanasia said...

My heart goes out to you Elizabeth. It is so hard to watch our beloved parents deteriorate. It is good that she is comfortable. May her guardian angel keep any and all things that would trouble her at bay, so that only the peace that comes from God envelopes and permeates her.

Peace to you as well. Hugs.