Monday, August 15, 2011

Family News

DD3 thoroughly enjoyed her week at Scout Camp, returning exhausted but exhilerated on Friday afternoon, with a prodigious quantity of dirty and mostly soaking wet laundry, due to a combination of inclement weather, going to the beach, long hikes and a day spent kayaking down part of the River Teifi :-)

She seems to have grown-up so much over the week she was away, and gained in confidence - I am so glad we were able to afford  for her to go, as by next summer, she will have moved to the Young Explorers troupe, and this was her only chance to go summer camping with her Scout troupe.

DD4 missed her terribly, as did we all, and the house was so quiet without her constant chatter! It is wonderful to have her safely home, and almost as wonderful that I have now completed all her laundry :-)

On Saturday, we were blessed to have Mr & Mrs DoomHamster (DD1 and dear Son-in-Law) spend the afternoon with us, and we had so much fun. The house rung with laughter.........

On a more serious note, Mum's health continues to be very poor, and last week, her Social Worker and the Care Manager came to the house to assess her. After lengthy discussions, we have collectively agreed on a new care plan that both takes into account Mum's current physical and mental needs and the resources available.

Lifting and moving equipment has been ordered and delivered, to make things easier for the carers, and we are waiting for a hospital-type bed to become available too, though this is proving problematic to arrange.. It is remarkable that despite all this new equipment being provided by the NHS for Mum, it is still only a fraction of the cost that keeping her in hospital for a single night would cost the NHS.  Simple economics would dictate that keeping those infirm elderly folk - who desperately want to stay in their own homes and die peacefully in their homes, surrounded by family and friends rather than in a hospital -  is a much cheaper option, despite the initial cost outlay. So why do some bodies and agencies put so many obstacles in the way of achieving this ?

 I feel as if I have been trying to co-ordinate a three -ring circus for the last few weeks, battling ferociously to get Mum the things she needs to keep her at home where she wants to be.......  I am so, so exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. Mercifully, the two ladies I mentioned earlier have been truly wonderful, and have willingly put their considerable energies and influence into the fight to get things for Mum.

Without them, I would have been sunk.
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