Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Catch-Up

Mum is not very well at all; she has had a chest infection and although she has had  extremely strong oral antibiotics for seven days, it does not appear to have resolved significantly . She is adamant she does not want to go into hospital for IV antibiotics. She isn't drinking much fluid, though she is eating a reasonable amount considering she is almost completely immobile and bedbound. Since having the infection, she has been very much more "with it", although she continues to sleep a great deal even in the daytime.

The Young Ones are determined to make the most of their last week of school holidays, and we will be going to the Library today to exchange books. The weather forecast alleged we would be having a nice few days, and I was hoping to take them  to the beach today, is looking very grey and overcast at the moment, and cool enough that I am happily snuggled up in my fleecy dressing-gown whilst I type this over breakfast.  School uniform and supplies have all been bought, but I need to wash DD4's rucksack......... writes quick memo to self :-)

Mr DoomHamster has had to go back to the USA {he flew back early Monday morning} to deal with some family business and to do the groundwork for DoomHamster's visa application so that she can join him over there at some hopefully not too distant point in the future...... she does not want to stay in her flat in the Big City on her own over the next few months, so has moved back in with us for the time being as a cost-saving exercise so she can save money. It will mean a lengthy commute to work each day, but will save her oodles of money.
On the weekend, we were thrilled to have Mr & Mrs DoomHamster and DD2 and RobRob over on Saturday, for a farewell get together before Mr DH left. It was lovely to have everyone under one roof!

I've been having a clear-out, and have taken no fewer than 12 bags of clothing to be recycled/reused for charity. We have thrown out several garbage sacks of rubbish and have piles of stuff to go to the charity shop, including 83 books which have been culled from my shelves. All I need to to do now is persuade DH that we really do not need all the redundant electrical items he is saving in the garage "just in case" he needs spare parts ....... we have several televisions (which do work, I must be fair, but are not needed), digital TV boxes, a spare but very elderly computer, and old vacuum cleaner.  At some point, all that will need to be tackled as we have a delivery of winter firewood scheduled for Oct, and that will take up an enormous amount of space in the garage.......

NaNoWriMo is creeping up again, and I am starting to ponder some plot ideas. Whether I will actually have time to do it this year, I have no idea, but I would really love to manage to complete it three years running :-)
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Athanasia said...

I am very sorry to hear about your Mum. Prayers for you and her. It must be difficult.

Good for you for the cleaning out. Always a big job no matter how little may be taken to charity shops; however, it looks like you did a good job!

DebD said...

I didn't know your daughter was moving to the US. I must have missed that tidbit in one of your updates. I hope the transition will go smoothly for her- but how hard it will be for you!

I know exactly what you mean about having all the kids under one roof. We had that last week before college stuff started. It was wonderful.

Prayers continue for your mum.

margaret said...

I hope Mum feels better soon. And that DoomHamster has a great time living in the US when it's all sorted out. I know I loved it.