Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Day With Mum

Mum has had a nasty chest infection which has made her rather confused on occasions throughout this week. She is on strong oral antibiotics, having vehemently refused medical advice to go into hospital to have IV antibiotics.

This is what happened on Thursday.........

Up at 6 am, got the children's breakfasts, lunches made and all ready for school. As soon as DD4 was safely in school DH drove me to Mum's so I could make sure she had her antibiotics at 9 am, as the carers don't arrive till around 10 am for this week's schedule.

She was awake when I arrived, so she had her meds, and I made her a nice cup of coffee, which she enjoyed. She said she wasn't hungry and didn't want her breakfast just yet, so I pottered in the kitchen, sorting things out. She called, so I went to her room to see what she needed. 

" I need more tablets"

"No, you've had the antibiotics. You don't need any more tablets till 10.30."

"Oh. I need more pads. Find me another pack of pads! I need pads straight away!"

"Which pads do you need? The big ones to go on the mattress, or your special ones for your undies ?"


"But which one, love?"

"The one you just said, of course!"

I showed her the bed protecting pads, and she shook her head. Wasn't those. 

I showed her her incontinence pads. Wasn't those either.

"You're not listening to me. Why don't you listen to me and just get me my digital pills like I have been asking you for ages?"

"What do you mean, digital pills, Mum ? You haven't got any digital pills." I was completely baffled by this point, not being blessed with the ability to mind-read......

"I need more digital pills ! Please listen to me and get me my digital pills!" She was getting very irate and agitated by this point, so instead, I asked her to tell me *what* she needed them for, because I didn't have a clue what she was trying to make me understand at this point........

"I need them for the carer to wipe me with, of course !" was the indignant reply.

It transpired that she wanted me to get another pack of wet wipes from the box by her bed and put them on her trolley table which goes over the bed, even though she already had a full pack of wet wipes in the trolley.

She lay back on her pillows, exhausted, and I retreated to the safety of the kitchen, boiled the kettle and made myself a stiff cup of coffee, ready for the next conversation......

Once she was washed and dressed, and sitting out in her chair, she was chirpy and much more coherent, even though she was dozing back to sleep every few minutes. I sat on the settee by her, reading my book while she slept, and talking when she wanted to talk, and we had a very companionable day after the slightly strange start !
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elizabeth said...

prayers for you and your Mom...