Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Rudeness And Indignation

I had some errands to run for my mother in town early this morning, and managed to dodge the heavy rain showers to get to her house by 10.45. She, and her dear friend John, were busy watching the TV when I got there.
I rarely watch TV, and asked what they were watching. It transpires that today is the official opening of the Senedd (the Welsh Parliament) in the Capital City, and not only the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were there, but also Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. I was disappointed, as if I had known, I would certainly have gone to the Capital City to stand in the crowd and wave and cheer. I have never yet seen a member of the Royal Family in Real Life.......

Nevertheless, Mum and I enjoyed seeing what people were wearing; many of the Welsh dignitaries were weaing their best clothes, and many ladies looked exceedingly smart, especially the two ladies we saw wearing smart frocks, hats and short gloves ! Others looked as if they had fallen out of bed into their everyday weekend leisure wear.... The Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall were immaculately and beautifully dressed, as always.

What really upset and dismayed me was the behaviour of Rosemary Butler, the Senedd's Presiding Officer, who remained utterly silent during the playing of the British National Anthem, God Save Our Gracious Queen, yet sang gustily the Welsh National Anthem which followed it.
I could not believe such rude behaviour from a senior Senedd member, and it appeared to be a seemingly calculated snub to Her Majesty the Queen who was standing right next to her and could not miss hearing her silence during the first anthem and her ardent participation in the second.

Surely common decency and common sense would indicate that in such circumstances, one should consider well in advance whether to participate in both anthems  or to remain silent during both anthems.  To participate only in one was objectionable and disrespectable behaviour, which made me ashamed to be Welsh, and I hope Her Majesty does not think this rudeness is a common trait in Wales.

Although the Labour Party won 30 of the 60 Senedd seats, we are not yet living in the "Socialist Republic of Wales", thank God !

God Save The Queen ! Vivat Regina !
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