Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching Up

After a very difficult few weeks, Mum has finally acknowledged that she really does need extra help at home and has agreed to have a carer to come in every evening to help her get ready for bed and administer her medications. It seems to be working well so far.  She remains quite low in mood, as she realises now that there will be further deteriorations in her physical health . It has not been easy for any of us........

Our old runabout car was vandalised twice last week, and is not repairable. We are thankful we still have the other car, but it was sad to see the old car having been badly damaged by some thug who did it on a whim. DD3 has had a hospital visit which revealed a multitude of problems with her jaw which means quite a number of future hospital visits and invasive treatments in the future.
Oh, and I have torn a muscle in my calf for good measure......

It's not all doom and gloom, though.

  • Great-Uncle Bob is safely home after a long hospital stay and my Uncle Bob is doing well after his surgery to remove a brain tumour; he is going to be home very soon too.
  • My lavender is in full, glorious bloom, nestled next to flowering honeysuckle, with bees buzzing happily around both of them, and the wonderful smells early in the morning, in the evening and after it has rained are utterly amazing. 
  • My apple tree branches are heavily laden with rapidly growing little apples, and the boughs are bending under their weight, so much so that each time I go to put washing on the line, I have to duck to avoid headbutting the apples :-)  
  • My raspberry canes are producing loads of raspberries and my new rhubarb crown is growing like a triffid. Within the next week or two I expect to be harvesting our very own organically grown rhubarb!
  • Latin class is going well and I am having enormous amounts of fun.

  • And tonight, DH arrives home for five nights before work beckons him away again :-)
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DebD said...

I'm so glad you've shared all these things. So sorry for your mom. IT is hard to face those limitations. It's a kind of grieving. I hope I can accept it with grace when my turns comes.

I loved hearing about your lavender. I tried to grow it last year for our bees, but failed miserably.

elizabeth said...

Hugs. This is not easy. Lots of love to you. Hard to see you Mom struggle. More {{{hugs}}}}

Susie Hemingway said...

Sorry to read this about your Mother but I know she will begin to feel so much better once a routine has been established and medications taken in a regular pattern, which is so important for her well being. Try not to worry too much - easy to say I know. Sending all positive vibes and my prayers too.