Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recently Read

Seventy Two Virgins is a satirical spoof- thriller about a terrorist incursion into the heart of British Government during a visit by the President of the USA. Totally un-PC and very cleverly written.

Adventures On The High Teas I found very disappointing and really quite boring compared to his first travel book, Pies and Prejudice, which I loved.

If you have any interest whatsoever into the social history of WW2 or of London,  London At War by Philip Ziegler is a must-read. A large book, I thoroughly enjoyed every page.

The Watchman was a good re-read, as are all Chris Ryan's books, if you like military thrillers.

Shopped was a jaw-breakingly good insight into the devious inner workings and machinations of supermarkets and their impact on the food producers of Britain. I was appalled at the tactics big chains use to intimidate, browbeat and ultimately coerce food producers. It was a sad and shameful read.

I am becoming a firm fan of Gervase Phinn's wonderful books about his life as a School Inspector in Yorkshire, and was thrilled to find not one but two books in the last ten days in the local charity shops; both were delightful :-)

A Right To Be Merry is a delightful book, written by a RC Poor Clare Nun  pre-Vatican 2, describing her life as an enclosed Choir Nun and her musings about God. She was obviously a woman of sound common sense and quite extraordinarily insightful intellect, and so much of what she says is pertinent today to those seeking to love God more. I originally read this as a teenager, and was so happy to find an almost pristine hardback copy on Ebay.........

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Mimi said...

It's interesting that you have the same issues with chain groceries that we have here.

I always love these posts, so visual and so interesting!

My love to you today!