Wednesday, May 04, 2011

More Photos From St Fagan's Museum 1

Sheep may safely graze.......
There are always farm animals at the living history farms at the site;
 these are some we enjoyed watching.
 My husband is convinced that I am obsessed with sheep :-)

                                             ...and a tree stump with an interesting fungus.

The interior of a Cockpit, where the barbaric practice of forcing cockerels to fight each other attracted huge crowds who placed large bets on the outcome.

And the rather more peacable exterior !

A reproduction Celtic Iron Age village, surrounded with a wooden palisade.

Inside, looking up at the thatched roof.
The smell of woodsmoke from the fires was incredibly strong in the huts.....

The doors were very low,
even DD4 had to bend down to get in safely....

Wall-daubings inside.

Wooden bowls and buckets, baskets and ropes.
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