Thursday, May 19, 2011

For The Month Of May

           .... two photographs of a hand-carved statue
            of Our Lady of Walsingham at a local church.

Ironically, the photo above was a disaster in colour, as it was very dark indeed, and when I tried to use a flash, the result was equally disappointing in terms of white-out. Picasa photo editor came to the rescue and provided me with a B&W  version I am fairly happy with :-)

Because the statue sits on a high window shelf, it was impossible to get a decent flash photo, though I tried repeatedly. I didn't want to stand on the new upholstered chairs in the Lady Chapel. so the flash is predominantly visible on Our Lady's legs and the rest is too dark. 

Photo-editing did not prove to be the answer here, making Our Lady and the Christ Child look as though their eyes are shut......

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