Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Recent Trip To The Big City

Last week I went to The Big City to do some shopping.

The City was bombed quite heavily during the Second World War, and consequently the sights can range from the sublime to the ridiculous as far as architectural details go......

Road works and improvements to pedestrianised areas seem to be permanently on-going. 

Looking up from the shop-frontages to the details higher up is a very rewarding experience !

I loved this line of roof-tops, spoilt only by the banner advertising Sky Sports at one of the bars occupying the ground floor....

The white struts are a glimpse of the massive Sports Centre, of which more later.

There are many delightful Victorian colonnaded arcades and shops.

Looking up towards the Castle gatehouse.

                                                               More views of the Castle

The Victorian clock tower.

Part of the Roman and later mediaeval wall, heavily restored and rebuilt in the 1800s.

The Old and The New !

Part of the main shopping street, above normal eye level.

A very modern Shopping Mall cheek by jowl with Victorian buildings.

Another couple of views of the new Sports Stadium.

And some crazy vegetable sculptures near the Bus Terminus !

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Kiernan said...

Lovely photos! It looks like you've had nice weather. :-)

Nina said...

Ooooo....thanks for the looks like you had a good time!