Monday, April 18, 2011

Max On Life

Max On Life  
Answers and Inspiration for Today's Questions

By Max Lucado

Published by Thomas Nelson

This thoughtful book provides a question and answer format covering a wide variety of topics in the 172 questions. Some of the questions include coping with problems in marriage, being single, pornography, sexuality, honoring one's parents and coping with serious illnesses and death.

I am sure that at least some of the questions would resonate with virtually every reader, but due to the volume of questions, the answers tend to be very short and would perhaps not be tackled deeply enough to satisfy a person who is deeply troubled about that particular topic.

I think that this book would be most useful particularly if someone is very new to Christianity and looking for answers to things that perplex, and it is therefore a good starting point. For fuller answers which are tailored to individual circumstances, there can however be no subsititue for discussing things with one's own Priest/Minister. I particularly liked the comprehensive index of topics at the end.

The book is very much geared to the Protestant Christian outlook, with a heavy emphasis on PSA and sadly would not really be suitable or useful to the Orthodox or Roman Catholic Christian reader.

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