Thursday, March 17, 2011

What A Week

Today  marks Day 13 of one or other members of our immediate family being ill with this vicious and painful stomach flu bug. It has not been a pleasant fortnight, and fasting has been a disaster for me.

I have managed to stick to my daily Psalter readings, which have kept me focused and grounded despite the dreadful tragedy which continues to unfold in Japan. ..... the death  toll there is equivalent to more than the population of our small town  being wiped out. May God have mercy on us all, especially the suffering people of  Japan. When I was in college, a kind mature Japanese student named Toshio often gave us lifts to college in the mornings, and I pray God earnestly that Toshio and his family are safe.

My dear friend Mary has had bad news about her husband's health, and my Great-uncle Bob is ill in hospital, as well as my other Uncle Bob on the other side of my family.

So many friends are in trouble, sorrow, need and distress - may God have mercy on us all, and may dear St Patrick intercede for us all.
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

I hear you... God will not leave us...