Friday, March 18, 2011

Recently Read

Villages of Britain is enormous.
Seriously ! 
I did try to read my way through it systematically,
but it gave me mental indigestion,
so I would recommend it as a reference book,
or just one to "dip into".
Great book, nevertheless :-)

I love Faye Kellerman's books.
I enjoy the divergent strands of an Orthodox Jewish  Homicide Detective
and violent crime being drawn together, with the bad guys getting caught.
If only real life were quite that simple.....

Andy McNab - another perennial favourite.

The book of The King's Speech is superb; as soon as I finished it, DD3 has bagged it and is devouring it. DoomHamster is next on the reading list for it :-)

I am systematically working my way through my Georgette Heyer books - wonderful escapist reading.

Yes, Sister, No Sister was well worth every penny - a thoroughly absorbing book about a trainee nurse's life in the 1950s.

I am becoming increasingly fond of  Lindsey Davies' Falco character, and am grabbing every book which makes its way into the charity shops....

The most recent FK book, and one of the most satisfying and absorbing.
 I loved the resolution of this one :-)

Begat was bought for me by Mr & Mrs DoomHmaster,
and I have savoured every single page, limiting myself to one chapter a day
 as much as possible to make it last longer.
If you have ever wondered just how much influence the KJV of the Bible
 has had on modern culture, this is the book for you.

I really loved Bread Alone, and not just for the recipes ! 
A very clever novel, detailing the breakup of a marriage
 and a woman's quest for a new life for herself in its aftermath.

This is one of Andy McNab's teenager fiction books, and is very well-written.
The plots are complex and believable,  
and this one outlines the recruitment and manipulation of teenage suicide bombers.
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Mimi said...

"The King's Speech" is my Book Club book for April, and it arrived yesterday. I am looking forward to diving in.