Sunday, March 13, 2011

Holidays Continued

Ten-Pin Bowling was fun....... DD3 gets ready.

DH in follow-through mode.....

An early-morning visitor was disturbed
by me opening the curtains..........
you can just see the hind-quarters of a sweet deer
through the V- shaped tree in the centre of the picture.

This little critter was a frequent flyer once he realised we put food out for him .

I know they are technically pests, but they are so cute !
By the way, feeding the critters with appropriate foods (sold on site)
is actively encouraged as it is a protected and enclosed Nature Reserve
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Anonymous said...

What a kindness you have shown....taking care of one of His creatures!

margaret said...

Squirrels are one of my favourite things. If I ever get round to a Maria-esque list of the things I am most grateful for squirrels will be on it. Have you see the photos of the miniature squirrel on Anastasia's blog? He's just big enough to hold on to an apple - so cute.